Accomplishment through quality

Quality of the basic materials:

Premium pigments and additives purveyed by German and local suppliers are our highest quality underwriter. Ongoing production control through independent institutes such as Ökotex, eco tex, MIGROS Switzerland reaffirm our undeviating quality claim. 

Attestation of quality:

Unique is also the introduction of the Öko Tex Standard 100 from Class 1 (Baby Standard) to all print types we offer.

A current certificate will be presented upon request!     

Quality deserves good care:

Our prints are washable at up to 60°C (95°C).

(Please follow the handling instructions provided with your particular article, as well as our recommendations) 

Quality with Know How:

Virtually all existing material types and common articles used in the textile clothing industry are now printable by utilization of the appropriate color systems. 

Even temperature-sensitive products can be treated in a non-damaging manner and with negligible resulting shrinkage when our specially developed drying technique is applied.



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