Roller printing

What is roller printing?

Once the allover design has been engraved onto a copper blank as gravure print (310 mm and 430 mm pattern repeat possible), the latter is transferred onto the fabric by means of continuous impression. Using different engraving depths, one can create magnificent continuous tones, runs and screens which are impossible to achieve with screen printing. 

This printing technique should preferably be applied onto compact linear ware (e.g. tubular fabric). You have 1 roller printing machine with up to a maximum of 6 colors and a 1000 mm printing width at your disposal.We take pleasure in offering you inexpensive, most advantageous solutions for the development of your exclusive designs

Naturally, we feature in our collections on an ongoing basis new "omnibus", i.e. freely available designs. Advantages:

  • Unique printing method on "tubular fabric"
  • Fairly priced ready-made clothing following the discarding of side seams
  • Very high wash resistance
  • Negligeble deformation of the grey cloth (< 2%)
  • Öko Tex certificate, from Baby Standard 1
    A current certificate will be presented upon request!     


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